Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday, Baby

Sunday May 10 was a day that I'd been looking forward to for 10 years. It was Mother's Day and Emma's birthday--the first time in her life that the two days have coincided.

Emma was born on a Monday, a fact I was bitter about at the time. Her due date was Sunday May 2nd. When she looked big on the ultrasound, foolish first time Mom that I was, I started telling everyone that she was due April 28th although no one at the doctor's office officially changed her date.

When I got Emma's due date, I said to myself, well for sure she'll be born by Mother's Day. So on May 9th as I stood in Sacrament Meeting to get my flower, I was 7 days over due and everything was swollen. My eyes veritably disappeared in my puffy face, my puffy feet were crammed into some type of ugly slip-on sandal and the rest of my puffy-self was encased in a billowing, tent-like maternity dress.

It was with abject despair that I accepted my Mother's Day gifts and subjected myself to my first and most hideous Mother's Day photo-op. At 2-ish o'clock in the morning my water broke. It was officially Monday May 10th.

Although Emma wasn't born until 8:57 pm that night (long story), I knew that eventually her birthday would land on Mother's Day. I was home from the hospital before I had a calendar and enough brain cells to figure out when it would happen. It would take 10 years. When Emma turned 10 on the 10th, it would be Mother's Day.

The morning began with Emma climbing into my bed and we waited in eager anticipation of our first joint breakfast in bed. Emma picked the menu: scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and juice and I provided the bed big enough for both of us.

Wendell and the big boys (with the babies trailing) sang a convoluted version of Happy Birthday/Happy Mother's Day-to-you. At church Emma and I both got to stand at the front of Primary while they sang acapella (since I'm the pianist) a Primary birthday song. (My birthday was on the Saturday following Emma's so it was the first time that our birthdays landed in the same chronological week.)

After church we had a big Mother's Day/birthday dinner at my mom's house with gifts and cards galore. Truly, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I hope it was for Emma, too. And I look forward to many more years of sharing Mother's Day with the first person who gave me reason to celebrate it.


D-dawg said...

Jenna, that is so neat. What an awesome way to celebrate- WITH the one who made you a mother. Cute.

Yes, I will sell some of my photos to you. Email me and I'll give you details.....

theharlowfamily at gmail dot com

Tigerlily said...

My Amanda was born on Mother's day. May 11. Every 5 years her birthday falls on Mother's Day! I love that it takes the focus of a wonderful day and places it on her. I agree with you. It is a wonderful way to celebrate.