Sunday, April 26, 2009

Me Stuck and Other Words

Beck said, "Me stuck," today while insisting that he was done with dinner and it was now time to get out of his high chair. So, along my similar theme (being a brag) as my last few posts, here are a few things Beck says.

*A cow says: Moo
*A puppy says: Arf
*A cat says: Ahhhhh (very high pitched). It actually sounds exactly like our cat and much more realistic than the traditional "meow."
*A fish says: (smacks his lips)
*A sheep says: Baa
*An elephant says: Goo-ga. (It's supposed to be Ooooo-ga, but often as not he puts on a leading "G.")

Beck also says, "ouch" and "ow" a lot. Unfortunately, he's started in with "mine," too. He also says, "one." I don't really know why, maybe he's counting down 'cause bad things happen at my house on three. I've tried to get him to say "one" after I ask him how old he is, but so far, no dice.


Heath Thompson said...

What a Party to see both your blogs. I can't believe you have 5 kids. Where have I been? I need to see a family photo~! I snuck a peek at your other $ blog. It was awesome! I miss you! I will have to link you up to my blog so I can get some of your goodness to rub off on me! Oh how we dream of those great days back home in Orem! We still pray that in a few years Janis will sell us that darling home and we can come back!
Kade will be thrilled to hear I found Anson! You Must post a photo so we can see how Big he has gotten!
(My back is doing much better... I was only kidding about the tricks! Some day in Heaven..)
So glad you stopped by! I miss you!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Cute, I love kid-speak.