Monday, April 13, 2009

It's A.L.L. Part of the Program

On Friday our family got great news. Emma and Anson have made it into the Accelerated Learning Lab (ALL) at Cherry Hill. For those of you who have no idea what that means, Emma and Anson have tested into a "Gifted and Talented" program.

My biggest worry when these two went for their test was that one would make in but not the other. Which child I thought would make it in varied based on the day. Now that they're both in, we're thrilled, albeit complete unprepared for this outcome.

On April 22nd, we can attend a parent meeting at the school, which I'm hoping will answer some of our questions. This could be tricky, though, with Nathan at one school and Emma and Anson at another. Hopefully, Nathan will test in next year and they can all be at the same school.

We will be having some family councils about this and how this amazing opportunity will effect all of us.

So I'm dying to hear about others' experiences with gifted programs. Was it good for you, was it worth it for your kid? Please tell.


Nancy said...

I was in a gifted & talented program as a child and I think I turned out pretty well. More than anything else, it really prepared me to be a great student. I was one of those kids who rarely had homework in high school because I got it done before class was over, usually while the teacher was still trying to teach us that day's lesson.

angie said...

Congrats to your kids- that's awesome!

Emma said...

I think that there are good gifted programs and then there are not so good gifted programs. The gifted program Ian attended in GA was pretty good. It (unfortunately) was only once a week and he was bused to another school for the day. Because he was in kindergarten, and was tested in the fall, he didn't get to go until winter semester started. They spent the semester talking and learning about space. He LOVED it. It was the only day of the week, I think, that he liked school.

The ALL program was around by the time my youngest sibling was in school. You should ask my mom what she thought about it. The only thing I remember was that it seemed like back then it just meant more busy work. Of course, it could have changed drastically - it's been a long, long time. I think what it really depends on is the teacher. Good luck!

Jenna Wood said...


We'll have to see. I think we'll give it a year, because there's just really no other way to know for sure.

I have talked with two friends, one with a daughter in 5th grade and one with a son in the 3rd grade program and both of them love it.

My friend with the 3rd grader said this program was the best thing to happen to her son. So, I'm hopeful.

It definitely sounds like there is more homework, but it also sounds like a lot of it is generated from really neat projects.

Fingers crossed!