Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I found out today that the ALL program my kids are officially signed up for uses "Investigations" Math. It's a conceptual based program that I think is TERRIBLE. I was part of a wave of parents who helped get Investigations out of our elementary school. It has taken Emma two years to recover from K-2 of Investigations. This year, Emma is actually now advanced in math.

We have some exceptional 5th and 6th grade teachers at my kid's elementary school and we don't use Investigations. We have until May 15th to submit the paperwork accepting or rejecting placement at Cherry Hill. Unfortunately, mine is already turned in. However, I think I could withdraw it and keep my kids at the regular elementary.

I feel so conflicted I could almost barf. I know I could supplement the kids with extra projects and neat things like that. I've heard from so many people of their kids getting overwhelmed with homework.

One woman told me her son had 2-2.5 hours of homework a night at the beginning of the school year.

The 3-4 program also seems different from the 5-6. So where I'm worried about putting Emma in, I feel less worried about putting Anson in.

I'm also concerned because the kids will be so disappointed, Wendell will be disappointed, my friend Allison will be disappointed when we don't carpool. I feel like, if I don't do this program I'm letting "Everybody" down.


dh said...

I don't envy you making that decision. On the one hand, it might be good for the kids to be challenged. On the other hand, having success in school can help their self-esteem and help them to feel and be successful at school ove the life time, right? Stinks that the curriculum can be such a deal breaker sometimes. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.

Unknown said...

Hey Jenna,

Don't you worry about disappointing me at all! Please do what you know is best for Emma and Anson. I was also a little intimidated about the overwhelming amount of homework they will be given over there in the A.L.L. program...

I have never heard of the investigation math method, actually I don't know much about all the different curriculums out there, but I guess we can always withdraw if the program is not a good fit, right?

Let me know your decision after you make it, I will support you 100%.

zippy said...

Ouch, that's a tough spot to be in! While I fully support programs such as GATE and ALL because I believe children should be given all the support and enrichment possible (whether they are accelerated or behind...but not just at school, it helps to have dedicated and involved parents like you!), I would NOT recommend the Investigations math approach. For the last two years we have been trying to get our district to get rid of Investigations (it's a district wide curriculum here...for use in all grades and children at all levels of learning, not just those in the accelerated programs.) In our case, fortunately M didn't struggle with the method but he is one of the few success stories.

Good luck my friend! I look forward to hearing further updates on what you decide. Take care!