Sunday, April 12, 2009

Alone with My Toe

Once again, I've been guilty of a notable blogging lag. And, oh, the stories I could tell. Like about my toe. My right, big toe to be precise. The other day, while showering, I bumped the shower shelf unit that hangs on the shower door. This small, insignificant bump knocked my razor off it's spot where it careened down and sliced a half inch square (oddly square if you ask me) of flesh off the end of my toe.

I stood in the shower and watched the blood swirl down the drain and pondered on the lie that if you cut yourself while submerged in water that it doesn't hurt. Well, let me tell you. It hurts more when you get out, but it still hurts like heck.

Today, when I got up the nerve to face my razor again and shave my legs, I discovered some odd thick foreign object in my razor. AHHHHHH!!!! It was my flesh. I actually had to pull the flesh out of my razor with a pair of tweezers. (Shudder.)

But that does not tell you why I am alone. I am on vacation. All. By. Myself.

I am sitting in a hotel room, in my PJ's, typing on Wendell's laptop. I have 11 books and 3 journals/notebooks with me. I am meeting a friend from Wyview--when both our hubbies were students at BYU-- for lunch tomorrow. Then I have a massage scheduled at a day spa across the street in the late afternoon. The following day I'm having dinner in downtown Salt Lake City with my roommate from my freshman year at college, who I haven't seen in years.

Some of you will think I am insane. And some of you will envy me terribly. I want you to know I plan on sleeping in a long time. I also plan on enjoying 6 straight meals that I don't have to fix or clean up. The weird thing is, I already miss Wendell and the kids.


Unknown said...

That sounds fantastic! (Not the toe). Although, I admit I would miss my kids after about 2 hours.

Dan couldn't understand why, on a cruise ship in the middle of the carribean, I wanted to do nothing more than sit in a lounge chair, in the sun, and read a book for hours. There is just something amazing about not doing anything for anyone all day long. Bliss.

I hope you enjoy yourself!

HARA said...

OH I AM IN THE ENVY GROUP! I am so envious, I am truly a sick shade of green. Covet, Covet, Covet! Enjoy my friend. Perhaps the toe is karma...(sorry, that's the cruel streak in me showing it's ugly head)
I'd probably miss Tom and kids to, normal. But, do not let it spoil your vacation.

Jenna Wood said...

Nicole, I need you to invite me to your blog (again). I'm dying to know what you are up to.

Unknown said...


It's not private, so you don't need an invite. I just changed the address. The new address is

Tara Rickards said...

I'm totally envious! That sounds perfect!