Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guilt and Blogging

I've been avoiding blogging out of guilt. Anson got baptized Nov 1st, but have I blogged about it? No. There was Halloween, but it's lacking a post too. On Nov 29th Beck turned 1, still no post. Christmas, New Year's, funny quotes by the kids and still no post. I've gotten so far behind that I'm embarrassed--mortified really. I mean, how can you miss your kid's baptism or birthday and call yourself a blogger?

So I haven't read any blogs either. Obviously, that would just further the guilt and shame. All of you doing such a nice job documenting your lives and your children's lives...everybody but me. The SHAME!!!

So I guess, you could call this my confession and I'm still going to try to catch up, but I must also press forward.


Nancy said...

No worries. Life gets busy. I can't wait to play next week!

HARA said...

Give up guilt for lent? Just a thought. I, however, sit here reading blogs and should be folding laundry, dishes, general cleaning, you get it.

queenieweenie said...

guilt can go jump in a lake...it's useless

just pick up where you left off!

dh said...

I'm SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!! (I mean READ you...?) Um, five kids to mother, a hub to take care of, and various other obligations... I think you ought to cut yourself some slack. :) So no more guilt! Can't wait to here about your events, tho... !