Sunday, December 07, 2008

Handsome Anson

On Oct 30th Anson turned 8. To celebrate, here are 8 things I love about Anson.

1. He's earnest. He was horrified to learn that he had to wear jeans to cub scouts. He hates jeans. He likes shorts, sweat pants, "swishy" pants and even slacks better than jeans. But on his first den meeting there he was all suited up in his new cub scout shirt and jeans.

2. He's spiritual. Anson doesn't just want to know the answers to Sunday School questions, he wants to know the whys. The more he knows, the more he can choose the right. And he's quick to confess and always wants to make things right.

3. He is the best at finding stuff. Lost your shoes, keys, book, etc? Ask Anson for help. He searches everywhere and is most likely to find whatever you're looking for.

4. He's cute! Ahhhh. It's true. He's just adorable.

5. He's my all-American kid. He is good at everything. Soccer, baseball, tae-kwon-do, reading, math, music. He's well liked by his teachers and he has tons of friends.

6. Anson has an amazing ear for music. If he gets stuck on something in piano, all have to do is play it for him once and he can repeat it very easily.

7. He's tidy. He is my best helper for picking up and he likes his room clean.

8. When he loves something, he loves it passionately. For years his thing was Power Rangers, now they've taken a back seat and he's crazy about Pokemon. Nearly everyday, he comes home with a new card that he's traded for a pencil, eraser, or treat. He studies up on their energies and damage and loves to play the complex Pokemon game.

(The picture of Anson is him wearing his helmet that he got with his skateboard for his birthday.)


Suzanne said...

I've got another... the boy LOVES to sing. He is -- hands down -- the loudest kid in the primary room. He belts out every song with passion, and he knows all the words. What a cute kid...

Jenna Wood said...

Tee, hee! He reminds me of me when I was his age with the super loud singing. :)

*Tanyetta* said...

happy birthday anson!!!!!!!

Annalise said...

We'll have to get Anson and my Andrew together sometime. They're only 3 days apart in age, and sounds like they have Pokemon in common. In Andrew's world right now, you just don't need anything else.

queenieweenie said...

I agree with number 4. Can we arrange a marriage between him and my youngest? She's pretty cute too.

Lara said...

What a talented boy! And I LOVE #4. Such a mom-in-love thing to say, right? Love it.

I'm going private, so drop by and let me know your email address if you're at all interested!


Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

What a great picture! He is adorable-what a nice tribute thread!

Emma said...

I wish we lived closer so that Anson and Ian could play together...they sound so much alike. I'm sorry I haven't answered your email. We were out of town. I think you'll find, however, that I anticipated your thought process, however, and I already sent you something in line with your idea. Enjoy!