Sunday, October 19, 2008

Usual Day vs Perfect Day

I suppose it wasn't actually usual, but the other day went so abismally that I wondered what the perfect day would look like.

Last Friday the following things happened:

*Skipped breakfast so I'd weigh less at WW
*Annika threw up
*Never went to WW
*Emailed School Community Council
*Tried to take a nap
*Annika jumped on my bed during aforementioned nap knocking a picture off the wall and onto my head
*Loaded kids in the car to get out of house
*Attempted to get fluoride prescriptions at Walgreens
*Got 10 pills, I have to come back next week
*Drove to Wendell's work
*Begged for gum, came home with three packs
*Nathan wet his pants, because
*Annika (who I'm starting to potty train) was "using the potty" and poop had fallen out of her pull-up onto the bathroom floor
*Gave up and figured I'd start tomorrow

This is what the perfect day would look like:

*Wake rested
*read scriptures
*fold laundry for 10 minutes
*eat nutritious, easy to fix, yummy meals
*organize some part of the house
*read to Annika and play with Beck
*do homework, piano and chores with zero complaining
*visit with Wendell
*go to bed early


Shaharac said...

First of all - who knows how to correctly use words like abysmally in a sentence? You are wonderful Jenna. Next - I don't know how your life is, but perfect days for me are so few and far between, I have actually started noticing 'perfect morning's', perfect bedtimes etc. One day, I'll have a perfect week - kids may be grown and out of the house, but, it will happen.

queenieweenie said...

I've been mothering for 14 years now and I've yet to have a "perfect" day!

Jenna Wood said...

Ah!!! Suzanne. I must have just deleted your comment. Sorry.

I'm glad "naughtiness" was going around and not just at my house.

PS I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one who yells at my kids.