Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Message of Hope

This General Conference* I felt such a message of hope and comfort. Right now it feels like I use my blog to exclusively report what friend or relative of mine died. My brother-in-law Michael lost his father yesterday. Unfortunately, he was coming back from a international business trip (to where, I don't know) and Christy, my sister, was unable to get a hold of him until today.

So, poor Michael had only his flight from LA and his drive from the airport to process his dad's death and talk with his family about funeral arrangements, because today is his daughter's 12th birthday. When he got home he's supposed to be happy and joyful.

Michael's dad was only 58, although he had suffered from Crohn's disease for years. In recent months he had complete kidney failure. The kids had all been tested for donating a kidney and Michael and his younger brother Joseph were the best matches. Phil, had both his kidneys removed and was on dialysis while they weaned him off his pain killers. Once he was well enough, he'd get the replacement kidney. But he never got well enough.

After his last dialysis session, he slipped into that other world while resting. When his wife came home from the pharmacy with his prescription, she found him. He looked like he was sleeping, but she knew the moment she stepped in the room that he was gone.

So these conference talks were very timely for my family.

I am so glad that I believe in Jesus Christ and the resurrection. I am glad that I know of eternal families and that as sure as I know anything, I know that Michael will see his dad again. Christy and Michael's youngest son (3) calls Michael's dad, "the grandpa with the black shoes." But Charlotte (5) told me today, "Grandpa's shoes are white now."

That's right, sweet girl. Grandpa has white shoes in heaven.

*Mormon 101: General Conference is a twice annual meeting for members of the LDS Church broadcast from Salt Lake City. The Prophet (President of the church) and all of the Apostles speak as well as other General Authorities (high ranking church officials), including women.


Unknown said...

I thought you meant your other brother in law Michael, and I almost flipped out! Thanks for the scare!

I enjoyed conference too, at least the parts I was able to hear. Here's for hoping that tomorrow is better.

Shaharac said...

My grandfather a year ago, and I remember appreciating the talks at conference so much. I am so sorry for the loss and pain your sister and her husband are suffering, yet do agree that great comfort comes from our knowledge and testimony of Christ's resurrection and in eternal families.

Suzanne said...

Life is made easier by the knowledge and perspective that we have. Having so many friends and family members who are not LDS, I see all the time how people struggle with things that--to them--seem to make absolutely no sense at all. And some things seem insurmountable to them. I'm just thankful to know what I know, and believe what I believe.

Jenna Wood said...

The 2nd session Sunday, my youngest 2 were both down for naps and I could actually hear with a minimum of shouting, "Be quiet!! We're listening to conference!!"

Mostly, I listen to conference at a very loud volume.