Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stand and Impede

Beck stood up yesterday. He only started sitting up by himself a day or two after his 8-month-mark, yet before he's even 8.5 months, he pulled himself to standing. Yikes! He's really on the move.

Beck's standing up also scared me to death. I heard him crying in his bedroom. He went from quietly crying to hysterical in no time, so when I rushed in I found him standing in his crib and dangerously too tall. I scooped him up and before he went to bed, I lowered to crib.


Last night as I tried to get the kids to do some math, chores and help me with Beck while I prepared dinner, I was barking orders one after another. Emma (9) was struggling to put a Cheerio in Beck's mouth, get a pencil and pick up something else I needed, all while holding her math workbook.

"Mom!" she said with clear exasperation, "How do you expect me to follow ALL your instructions? As soon as I start to do one thing, you give me another instruction that impedes my progress!"

When she looked up at me, I was grinning.

"What?" she asked.

"I love that you just used the word 'impede'," I replied.

"Well, you always use it, so I know what it means and I used it correctly."

"Yes you did."


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Good for her! I love it when my kids use words like that and use them correctly.

Shaharac said...

I so love that conversation. Go Emma! Also, I must say I am quite intimidated by Anika and the fact that child can READ! I think she may very well have a larger vocabulary than I do! They are cute - beautiful girls. I also love the conversation between you and Emma the Sunday she was sick.