Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Postponed Promise and My New Favorite Blogger

I promised that I would tell you about my big dream, and I will. But I told it to Wendell first (bad mistake) who shot it down, told me I was nuts and that he loved me, but I was wasting my time trying to go after it and couldn't I be just like other SAHM's and go into teaching. So I'm feeling all fragile and nervous.

The author of I Can Do Anything If I Only I Knew What It Was, Barbara Sher, says--this is paraphrased loosely--if you go up to a complete stranger and say something really crazy like, "My dream is to raise dalmatians in the Himalayas. But I don't know anything about dogs and I have no connections in the Himalayas." The stranger would probably say, "Wow! What a cool dream...you know I know some one who raises dogs," or "I have a relative in Tibet." The long and the short is--they would support you unconditionally. Now tell a family member your dream and they're likely to tell you that you're nuts. Suffice it to say that I may as well have told Wendell that I'm raising dalmatians in the Himalayas.

So I already lied about "tomorrow" so how about I post about something else altogether.

My little sister Andrea (aka Wookie Princess) has started blogging.
I am so stoked. She is one of THE best writers on the face of the planet, although I'm probably a little biased. Just to show you how cool she is, here is a sampling from her last post.

"We all live so meanly.... aching for abundance that can't be purchased on Overstock or sold for half-price on e-bay. And so we write, waiting to be read. In the words of CS Lewis, we read to know we are not alone... And so a generation searches for each other across the endless space of consumerism and reads and blogs to know that we are, in fact, not alone."

Cool, huh? (I don't mind that when you compare our writing I look like a drooling idiot.)


Andrea Harris said...

You are TOO nice... seriously... WAAAAAY too nice!!! And to be fair... I have only chosen the best of best to post on my blog... ain't nobody gonna read my mountains of failed attempts... Those are ALL mine. :)

Some day... said...

You are right - W.P. is my new favorite blogger, too. But you are my 'always read this blog' favorite blogger. Why is it you guys write and I almost don't? I LOVE your blogs and the way you capture character.

Jenna Wood said...

Some Day,

Who are you? I can't seem to link to your blog. Now I'm dying too.