Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dream Big

Every now and then you hear about somebody doing something crazy, like the woman who parachuted out of an airplane on her 80th birthday. Crazy... maybe. But fun, too and something that fulfills a dream.

I remember hearing about a family that took a year off from work and school to travel the world. Most of us probably shake our heads and say, "Where do you get the financial resources for a trip like that? I can't imagine taking more than a week off from work and we'd NEVER miss school!"

But what does your heart say? Do you ever hear of a news making, dream fulfilling story that makes your heart long for a dream of it's own? Is your dream so crazy big that you could never pull it off?

I've heard my mom say she'd love to write a book or become a real estate agent or both. "Go for it!" we say. I've even sent her emails about writers conferences that make her almost giggle. "But I can't," she usually says. Whether the excuse is that it conflicts with Dad's work or that my sister and I might need her to babysit, there's a reason she can't go "do" her dream.

I've been spending a lot of time trying to think about my dream. Like my mom, I have more than one. But the one that meets the most resistance, requires the most effort and would be the hardest to schedule; that's the one my heart really longs for.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you what that dream is and why I can't do it. But for now, what's your dream? If you could do anything what would it be?


Julie said...

I can't wait to hear about your dream. We have talked about going to live in another country for a couple years...likely India where Nathan would be able to find a job easier. I would also love to go somewhere in South America or to Ethiopia for a year. We were going to work on India next year, but then I realized that we probably couldn't take our dog with us. So that dream will have to wait awhile. Now I think of it, I have lots of dreams, but that is the first that popped into my head.

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I'm really enjoying the domestic travel we've been doing, and realizing how much there is to getting out and exploring and learning about different cultures, even in our own country.

I have another dream that I finally decided this week to get started on. But its a secret....

zippy said...

Ooo, I'm so excited to read about your BIG dream!

You pose a great that I will have to spend some time pondering. I have dreams, big and little, I just don't ever really give them too much thought or a voice...perhaps the time has come to bring some of them to pass. I'll get back to you on what they are. : )

dh said...

Let's see. I have a dream. My dream is to start and run a speech therapy business. And be so successful, that I only work, like, 10 hours a week... or less. :) I am sort of setting the wheels in motion... looking at investing in money to get some specialized training and certification.

I have other dreams, too, though. I have this dream to have a clean house. And my house is big enough for a family with 4 or 5 kids. And there is room for all my crap to be organized. This dream, though, is going to involve some housecleaning service since I suck at house cleaning. (My number one weak area that I would trade for anything).

I also have a dream to live your life. The life of a full time SAHM. And to be good at it like you are... and spend endless hours with my kids and be patient and long suffering and a perfect mother.