Monday, July 28, 2008

A Poem and A Dare

So I do a summer school for my kids every year. This week we are working on Poetry. Our first poem was Acrostic. "In Acrostic poems, the first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a word. The word often is the subject of the poem."

As I was doing my own poem, I realized how uncomfortable I was saying that many positive things in a row about myself. It was weird. So, here comes the dare. I dare you to make an acrostic poem about yourself and post it on your blog. (Note: a dare is like a tag, only with my thumbs in my ears, my tongue sticking out and my hips swinging side to side.)

If you comment...I'll be watching.

Here's mine.

Juggling PTA jobs
Excellent mom

Needs household help


zippy said...

Ok, a few things-- you may or may not have seen, I'm FINALLY getting around to posting all the blog tags I've collected over the summer and today I posted my reponse to your request for some fun facts about Li'l J. : )

2nd...thanks for the fun memory comment! I've been searching through the cobwebs of my mind ever since you commented about that funky round necklace I wore at freshman orientation...huh? Did it have a big butterfly on it?

3rd...I too have MANY fun memories of our days past. Think I'll start with: nearly wetting my pants at EVERY Presidency meeting we ever had our freshman year thanks to you and Wendy making every effort possible to get me laughing. : ) Next up: taking an impromtu "Girls Night Out" trip to SLC with you, Wendy, and McKenzie--we had such a good time! And I'll end with: you borrowing your dad's great big truck to help me move at the end of freshman year, letting me crash at your parents house that weekend, etc. You are such a good friend!

Now onto the "poem and the dare"...I'll add it to the list of tags I'm working on this week so be on the look out! : )

Cheryl said...

C Caring
H Helpful
E Empathetic
R Really good listener
Y 'Yes' Woman
L Likable

A Attitude
N Nice
N Nutty
E Energetic

You were right this was really hard to do.