Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Nathan turned 6 on July 16th, so here are six fun facts about my son.

1. Nathan was my biggest baby. He weighed 9 lbs 10 oz (now this is where you gasp) when he was born 15 days early. Early. He was due July 31, but born on the 16th. I was so glad.

2. He has blue eyes. Wendell and I both have brown eyes as do Emma and Anson, so when Nathan was born I was sure his eyes would turn brown. They didn't and they're beautiful blue.

3. With a July birthday, Nathan is among the youngest kids in his grade, but he was the top reader. Now, doesn't that make a mom proud?

4. He's very meticulous. Even as a little tiny boy (who are we kidding--he was never tiny) he would crumple his paper and throw it away if he didn't deem it perfect enough. On the upside, he has the best handwriting of all my kids.

5. He's the middle child. So was I. For that very reason I vowed I would have an even number of children so there was no middle child. Oops. (Although, I argue that with Emma as the oldest and Beck as the youngest all the rest of the kids are middle children.)

6. He is great with babies and little kids. When Nate was little, he was so big that I worried how he'd do with a younger sibling. He took to Annika right from the start. Last year while he was in Kindergarten, he'd come home and play with her until the big kids got home. She loved it, he loved and I loved it. What a sweetie he is!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy! He's so cute.

We need to play soon. I'm headed to Cali for a wedding next week, but sometime after that should be good. What's your schedule like?

zippy said...

What a FUN and handsome little dude!! Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I'm still working on putting together my "tag" post about Li'l J...hope to have it up next week. : )

Alisa said...

cute how fun to learn about him!