Sunday, July 20, 2008

Minor Remodel and Other Household Stories

All 7 of us have been living in 3 bedrooms for the last 7.5 months. That is fine, except we have 5 bedrooms so squishing in a few and not utilizing the others seems, well, silly. Here is what it took to get Beck out of my bedroom and into the nursery.

Empty out "The-Room-We-Do-Not-Go-Into"
Tear out toilet and vanity from the bathroom
Buy new toilet, install
Buy new vanity and sink, set in the bathroom, hook up faucet
Empty the stuff from one of the bedrooms
Take a lot of it to D.I. and throw a lot of it away
Store what we want to keep in "The-Room-We-Do-Not-Go-Into"
Paint the bedroom pink, paint trim white
Rename "The-Room-We-Do-Not-Go-Into"
Suggestions for new names include: The-Room-We-Go-Into, Happy Hallway, Home Room and Random Room
Random Room wins
Move Emma's bed and dresser downstairs into the pink room
Break it to Anson that he will be living the the pink room for a couple of weeks
Move Anson's bed into the pink room
Buy Anson a new bed, stick it in his bedroom until later
Pick up all the garbage/toys from under Emma's bed
Wash walls in Emma's old room, now the nursery
Pick up all the toys/garbage from under Anson's bed
Wash walls in Anson's old room
Set up new bed frame where Anson's bed used to be
Give the new mattress and box springs to Anson
Give the Anson's old mattress, etc to Nathan
Give Nathan's old mattress, etc to Annika
Annika sleeps on her "big girl" bed in the room with Nathan
Beck sleeps in the crib
Wendell and I sleep without kids in the room, cue Hallelujah Chorus sung by Mormon Tabernacle Choir


*Tanyetta* said...

I love this part:

Wendell and I sleep without kids in the room, cue Hallelujah Chorus sung by Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Nancy said...

You've been busy! I'll bet you were looking forward to sleep after all that work.

Jenna Wood said...

Never mind that Wendell and I didn't get to sleep alone until 2:40 AM when I hauled Annika back into her "big girl" bed.

Jenna Wood said...

Nancy, you have no idea.

Unknown said...

I am exhausted just from reading about it! Congratulations on your childless room.

Laurie said...

This is Ken's biggest complaint... too many kids in his bed. I don't have any extra rooms though. And he's my baby. I've snuggled with a baby for 13 years. How will I sleep? Probably really, really good.

Alisa said...

Yay no more kids in your room! Wait a minute-- here comes baby #6.
Ha ha - I am kidding. Congrats on getting all that work done, that kind of stuff is a big job I know. Its sounds like moving!