Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Her auburn hair was disheveled as she lay in the wreckage, her arm flung stiffly straight out above her head. She was naked, and stripped of all dignity, as she lay face down in the carpet--paralyzed and unable to even glance around the room.

Someone was nearby. She was hoisted upward, less gently than the situation warranted. The mother's eyes were on her taking in her filth, nudity and matted hair. "Polly," the mother whispered and clicked her tongue with disapproval. Then wetting her thumb with spittle, she rubbed the dirt and smudges off Polly's otherwise perfect face.

"I think you may have out grown your usefulness..." the mother continued. Then she dropped Polly into the black depths of large plastic drawer As it slid closed, the light retreated inch by inch until only a faint flicker glowed through a small crack.


My big accomplishment for the day was cleaning up. Thought I make a rather drab chore sound more interesting. :) Weird, I know.


Nancy said...

You're so cute & creative. When are we going to play again? I've been so busy, I haven't emailed. Sorry!

zippy said...

Nice creative writing!! Ever thought about writing a novel? I bet you'd make big money!! : )

I'm passing a "tag-you're it!" along to you. Check out my blog under "10 in 10" for details...have funr!

I Am Boymom said...

Hey man, whatever it takes, is my motto. Housework needs to be made as fun as possible, and if you can't make it fun, at least write like it was fun! Love yer stuff, adding you to my blogroll!