Saturday, May 31, 2008

Please Clap For Me

This week I've done something that has been 5 months in the making. I've lost 10 lbs since having Beck. (Admittedly, Beck is 6 months old, but I was not trying to lose weight the first month.) 10.2 to be exact. This has been excruciatingly difficult to do. And yes, I'm averaging only 2 lbs a month. That's about a half a pound a week. But, still, it's better than nothing.

A few weeks ago I tried Weight Watchers core plan. This is something that is difficult for me, but I always lose well. And I did. I dropped 3 lbs in one week. I was elated.

Immediately after WW, I took Beck to the doctor. He'd been fighting laryngitis for nearly 6 weeks, starting right after his 4 month check. But his lack of voice kinda went on the back burner after they weighed him. He'd only gained 2.5 ounces in 5.5 weeks. And his diaper was wet this time, whereas it had been dry the time before.

At 2 months he weighed 13 lbs on the nose, which put him in the 79% for weight. At 4 months he weighed 13 lbs 15 oz dropping to the 27%. But here he was 5 and a half months old and he only weight 14 lbs 1.5 oz. He was now in the 8% for weight.

Dr. Wynn turned to me and said, "Tell me about your diet."

"I'm on Weight Watchers," I confessed. "But I've done this with each of my kids. No one's had a problem gaining weight. Nathan weighed 20lbs at 4 months and I lost the most weight with him."

"Well," Dr. W said in the kind, sweet voice of a pediatrician, "I think you need more fat in you diet."

In my head I thought, seriously. Have you seen me? I have more than 60 lbs to lose. I need MORE fat, like I need a fork stuck under my toenails. Is there not some way to get the fat from my thighs to my milk?

So these last two weeks, I've lost weight while trying to eat more fat. This is very tricky indeed. I'll find out on Tuesday how Beck's weight is doing, but for now, will you clap for me? Losing this weight has been very hard to do.


Alisa said...

Mine is a standing ovation! That is totally awesome. You don't have to tell me how hard it is to lose weight- I just barely got to 9-10 pounds (it fluctuates) and I have been workign since Christmas. However losing at a little slower rate like we are doing is better because it becomes a true lifestyle change -- rather than a short term diet and the weight is more likely to stay off. However in all honestly when I saw you I thought you looked great! I am with you though I had no idea that cutting fat in my diet could do that to a nursing infant and maybe it just depends on certain elements of the equations. Anyway I will be staying tuned to see how things go. And actually I think having a certain amount of fat in the diet can help with weight loss sometimes, so maybe this will be good. You ROCK!

Jenna Wood said...

Thanks, Alisa! I need it that.

Nancy said...

That is amazing! I have a lot of weight to lose, and trying to do that while on all sorts of hormones is basically impossible. To be honest, I look forward to getting pregnant and being morning sick. Great choice to do WW. It is hard sometimes, but well worth it. I really need to get back to doing it myself.

dh said...

I second the standing ovation. A sizeable undertaking indeed. Congrats on this milestone and best successes to you in reaching the next one and the next...:)

angie said...

I am totally clapping for you Jenna! Great job! It is so hard as we get older... I lost it all after the twins and somehow gained when we adopted!?? 10lbs is a lot and you should be very proud!

Kate said...

I am clapping and cheering here! Shiloh is 5 months old and I'm not attempting weight loss at all despite how much I need it!

I have realized with the other kids in the past that my diet influenced nursing habits. And unfortunately, with my thyroid becoming under active I've noticed things fitting more snuggly than a few months ago! :-O

I just have to remind myself that there is a goal in mind for this short time of nursing my baby and the ultimate goal is not my own weight loss. As much as I do desperately need it!

Good for you!!!!

Jenna Wood said...

Thanks guys. *blush* It's so nice to know that 1) I'm not alone in my struggle with my weight and 2) I'm liked regardless.

Tara Rickards said...

That is awesome!! Losing weight is aweful! I am going on vacation and will be spending the better part of a week in a bathing suit next week. Yikes! Ashlyn just turned 8 months so I still have a bit of an excuse. (9 months to put in on, 9 months to take it off. After that I have to own it!) I can hit the gym every morning, say no to those ever temping Oreos and only lose a single pound! It is aweful! I am proud of you! That is a huge accomplishment! As far as more fat in your diet, try the Atkins Diet. I'm sorry to hear about your baby. It is so hard to see your baby sick and not be able to take it away.

queenieweenie said...

good job! losing weight is SO hard. I've been battling my weight my whole adult life. Try almonds. They have a lot of good protein and GOOD fat. They are a lot of points on WW-but my nutritionist swears by them and I've lost weight while eating them. Good luck!

Jessica said...

Okay, I have lots to say about this.

My kids have ALL dropped OFF of the chart and they are all healthy, muscley, ahead of the developmental scale, rosy-cheeked and have tons of energy.

I've done Weight Watchers with each one.

With my first they actually put her in the hospital for lack of weight gain, and NOTHING was wrong with her. It was obnoxious. After that, I just let my doctors know that we would NOT be discussing their weight until they actually seemed to be suffering from malnutrition.

You are probably fine. I actually prayed to get help knowing how to lose the weight without hurting the baby, and I feel like I got some direction on how much my body needed, etc.

Good luck and Good job. Losing 2 lbs a month could not POSSIBLY be hurting your baby.

Celia Fae said...

Jenna, this happened to me. When Alice was going down on the growth chart the dr in all seriousness told me the same thing. I totally ran with it. I liked telling people about how the pediatrician told me I needed more fat in my diet and watching the people pass out. It was awesome.