Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear Emma

Emma is 9 today!! So here are 9 special things about Emma.

1. Emma is a voracious reader. She reads on a 8th-9th grade reading level and it is HARD to keep enough books in the house to keep her interested. Luckily, she's game to reread books too. This year she read Eragon 3 times. It took her about 4 days to read the 700+ page book, each time. That is lucky for me cuz most books take her 2 days or less.

2. She is a little mother. Although I'm pretty sure Anson and Nathan don't always appreciate being bossed, she's also a gem with Annika. Annika just adores her and is willing to do almost anything if Emma suggests it. That is a huge help to me.

3. Emma is a conscientious student. She works very hard is school and recently got a certificate for testing exceptionally high in reading (surprise, surprise), social studies and science. Emma loves science. It is one of her favorite subjects.

4. Her knowledge of gospel subjects has really impressed her current primary teacher. Sister Mason* told me that she is shocked and impressed with Emma's logic and reasoning. She understands gospel subjects easily and when she is taught, she is able to correctly summarise and explain gospel topics. One of my favorite stories about church is from when Emma was 3. One night when she was supposed to be sleeping she said, "Mom, I have a question."

"OK, Emma what is it?"

"What is the apostasy? Is it like, you know, pasta?"

5. Emma is a pretty girl with beautiful olive skin and fantastic calves. My sister Christy is often raving about how great Emma's legs are. She is jealous. (So am I.) Emma also tans very easily and beautifully. When Emma was new born, I actually had someone ask me if I had tanned her. Um...of course not, but she has a beautiful skin color.

6. Emma is a leader. She is a take-charge kinda gal. Remember how she organized the gardening club? Well, she's like that. Always organizing games and activities for the neighborhood kids. Often involving older kids or even teens who go along with her ideas.

7. She is a girly girl. She love everything pink as well as nail polish, jewelry, skirts, hearts, flowers, etc.

8. Emma loves music. She plays the piano quite well and practices consistently. She complains very little about practicing which sets a good example for her siblings. (Which I appreciate.)

9. Emma is a hard worker and doesn't let anything stand in her way. When Emma was 4 we learned that she is blind in her right eye. Her retinal specialist warned us that she would probably not like reading and find it difficult. Emma was already quite a reader and we could see that a little impairment wasn't going to slow her down. Writing was difficult as a little kid and her writing skills lagged behind when she was in kindergarten. But Emma was determined. She got better and better and by 2nd grade, you could no longer tell her hand writing from that of other students her age.

*Mormon 101: Within the church we call each other Brother and Sister as titles of respect.


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I hope I have a daughter just like her!

Anonymous said...

AAW! Cute post about your Emma!

dh said...

Happy Birthday Emma! (Hey its my niece's birthday today also!)

Very nice post, Jenna. Make sure you keep a copy for her to read...

Laurie said...

She is such a sweet beautiful girl. I still think she is your baby. Where does the time go? I'm glad you got her. She is amazing because she has been taught and encouraged by great parents. Thanks for sharing all these really great things about her. I hope she had a wonderful day!

Jessica said...

Do you know I have an Emma who's 9 and also has fantastic calves?!

Jessica said...

February 12th...close!