Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My friend Alisa tagged me (a long time ago) to do a post about Annika, so here's some fun thing about my youngest daughter.

1. Annika was born with TONS of dark brown hair. Just like Emma. They look uncannily alike in baby pictures.

2. At one, Annika could sing more words than she could say. She could sing Happy Birthday to You (which we got on tape as proof), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I am a Child of God.

This is a picture of her (with my sister, Andrea) at Emma's birthday. This is the first time she sang Happy Birthday.

3. She is quite a climber. This is very different from Emma. I thought my boys were climbers because they were boys. But Annika is a climber, too. She'll climb on the couch and jump off. She jumps off of the highest stairs and will climb on the counter to get stuff out of the cupboard.

4. Annika is obsessed with gum. We have a rule that no one can chew gum until they are 8. Perhaps the forbidden factor is what makes it so interesting. Once, in two days Annika ate the greater part of 3 packs of gum. Let me emphasize that she ATE them. Ate. The third day she got diarrhea. It smelled like gum which is weird and horrible.

5. Annika is the readingest baby I've ever had. All of my kids could read at three and Anson could write very well before he turned four. But Annika is reading already. Not only does she know the letters A, O, M, S, E, D, N, B, but she can also read the words Annika, Mom, Dad, Emma and Nathan. She's two and two months. This blows my mind. As we speak she is sitting on my lap pointing at the words Emma, Annika and she found the Mom in Momville.

6. She's pretty. She's so pretty. She has a beautiful olive skin color. She has Precious Moments eyes. Really. They are huge and brown and gorgeous. She has naturally curly dark brown hair. I've thought about putting her in a baby contest, cuz I'm sure she'd win. However, she is kinda shy, so I think that would be torture to her.

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zippy said...

I love your accurate description in #6--she is SO pretty and those eyes!!

I've been feeling lately like I blog a lot about M and not enough about Li'l J...probably because M is at that age where he's involved in outside activities and J isn't yet. So...thanks for the tag, it'll give me a good excuse to blog about him. I don't know that I'll get to it right away, but the idea seed has been planted and now I can spend some time thinking about what special things I want to say about Li'l J when I do respond to the tag. : )

Kate said...

My jaw dropped open when I read how early your kids read. Do you do anything in particular to encourage that? (like work night and day with them!?!?!? ;-D)

queenieweenie said...

she IS the curls!

*Tanyetta* said...

she is soooooooooo super cute!

Laurie said...

Annika is so beautiful. I love her eyes! And she is so smart! How did you get so many smart kids? Henry is just a bully. This will be fun to think about him. Thanks for the tag.

Alisa said...

Thanks for sharing about Annika I knew that would be fun! She is a doll and Whew I am impressed- what a smart, pretty girl!