Monday, April 28, 2008

Poke Her

At dinner time the other night, Annika was still sleeping. I told the kids that I was going to wake her up so we could all have dinner together.

"Oh, I know how to wake her up," Emma announced.

"How?" I wondered, intrigued.

"You poke her in the head. Works every time!"

"When are you waking Annika up?" I asked.

"In the middle of the night," she said with a shrug, "when I'm bored."

I guess it IS time for Emma to have her own room.


Kate said...


This is particularly funny because we are having sleep issues here and well.. I don't know. It just is :-) I have 2 girls in one room and 2 boys in another. So the room sharing episodes never end here as well :-)

dh said...

That is absolutely hilarious! And cute!!

So, um, did you poke her in the head?

Debbie said...

Me too. I can't stop laughing. Why is Emma bored in the middle of the night?

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

LOL!!!!! Nothing like honesty!

Laurie said...

Wow! It surprises me what my kids do when I think I know what they are doing. So, do you have enough rooms for her to have her own room?

Unknown said...

LOL!!! Taht is too funny --"When I am bored" Ha HA

Janice {Run Far} said...

Oh my heck that is so funny

Alisa said...

Way too funny. You should put her in the room we don't go into once you get it all cleaned up- j/k