Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Once upon a time I decided it would be a good idea to sell stuff on eBay. Over time I learned what would sell and what wouldn't. Some things were worth the time to sell, others weren't. As I got better at this eBay thing I began to branch out. People were soon coming to me with their stuff to sell on eBay.

This was both good and bad.

Some people brought me wonderful, salable stuff that was worth my time. But way and away the majority of the stuff wasn't worth much to me. It might take me 10 minutes to research and list an item and I'd make 32 cents. It didn't take me long to realize this wasn't worth my time.

Now my own stuff was a different story. On the same thing that listing for someone else I'd make a buck if I was lucky, I'd make $4-$5 for myself. Now that was worth 10 minutes of my time.

But eBay is addictive. Easily as addictive as blogging. I'd find myself sitting for the last 20 minutes of an auction and counting down. I'd put my cursor over the "watchers" and chant, "Bid, bid, bid."

Then I had a baby and she became a toddler. Pretty soon I wasn't selling stuff on eBay anymore, but nobody knew. People were still bringing me bags and boxes of their stuff. Wendell would find "deals" and buy them. We filled one closet with stuff and there it has sat for over a year.

I have returned some things to their owners with my apologies. Everything else, I'm now trying to list again. And you see how my blogging is lagging. That's cuz I'm over on eBay again chanting, "Bid, bid, bid."

But if you're in need of some BYU sweat pants or Levi's jeans, I know right where you can find them.


dh said...

I love ebay. A while back, I was trying to buy some retro tupperware mugs for kids- you know, the pretend play kid-sized dishes?

Well, I found a bunch. Twelve mugs. Some obnoxious dude outbid me, so I kept bidding until the price on all 12 mugs were over $12. I was cackling evily until I won two of the mugs at $12.50 and had to pay $25.

But it was totally worth it because that dude ended up with 10 play tupperware mugs for over $120 and THEY WERE USED!!!! Bwaahahahaha!

zippy said...

We've had some fun bidding and winning on eBay, haven't tried selling though. Good passing along your fun finds!

Alisa said...

My older sister is an awesome ebay seller. It one time prompted my younger sister and I to give it a try. It is nice to feel like you are earing money in your own, kind of fun way. I did okay- not great. You see making a buck here or there wasn't so fulfulling it to me. I wanted big bucks I wanted to sell something I could make $10 $20 bucks or more on. I also got stressed trying to make sure I got everything shipped off properly and in time. I got lazy and one or two things didn't sell well and I stopped. We have things that I hold aside thinking I should sell them old (nice) cell phones or pottery barn things I never ended up using (just a couple not a lot) and they would do well and I don't. I am so bad. My younger sister has researched enough to know that in season some clothes especially name brand can do well. I keep thinking I need to go through the kids clothes and pair up some outfits or something but I don't! There is only so much time in the day. If I ebayed on top of everything else... I don't know. You do it though-- and you have 5 kids! You rock!

Lara said...

I've been meaning to ask you- can you sell my old bandaid? It's 4 years old... that'd make it a collector's item, right?

Unknown said...

My 17-year-old BIL once bid $1000 on something (don't remember what) Instead of $10.00. My MIL completely FREAKED out about it. She called to police . . . yes, she called the police to tell them that eBay ripped off her innocent son. I am pretty sure they laughed her off the phone. After that she didn't hesitate to tell everyone she knew that eBay is the devil, THE DEVIL!!!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I love Ebay