Friday, April 18, 2008


It's spring break here, so we decided to spend a day at the best children's museum in the state: Discovery Gateway. We went on Wendell's day off and had a great time.
We started with the beehive where the kids have to work together to put balls through tubes.

Next we were on to Kid's Eye View where they did shopping, building and climbing.

At lunch, Annika poured chocolate milk all over her outfit requiring a stop at Baby Gap. I have to pause here to say that I'm a Target gal. Baby and Kid Gap give me the willies because of how much they charge for clothes there. It is truly unholy. But there were only two kids clothing stores in the vicinity of the museum, abercrombie and Baby Gap. I've never been into abercrombie and I didn't think going in with 5 kids in the kind of hurry I was in was a good choice. Plus, I was worried it might cost more than Gap.

So the 5 of us made a beeline for Baby Gap, quickly found the clearance and picked out a pretty cute pair of pants, since Annika's current ones had taken the brunt of the spill.

"That will be $3.34," the lady told me.

I did a double take.

"Everything's 25% off including the clearance. That sales ends today."

"Do you mind if I go get a shirt?" I asked.

"Take your time!" she enthused.

I rushed back and got a shirt and bought a whole new outfit, at Baby Gap no less, for under $8.00. This, I believe, is a miracle.

So here is Annika in outfit #1.

And outfit #2.

Beck was along on the trip, too. He spent his time sitting in a very girly carseat trying to look like a boy.

Oh, this is me. I promised Lara that I would include more pictures of myself so my kids will remember that I was there on family trips. Somehow Wendell eluded the camera...


Unknown said...

I am a Target and Gap girl Love their sales!!! It is our spring break too, we have done the park and movies and swimming. I have heard that place is alot of fun.

(PS Love the BYU shirt!we are big fans at our house)

Kate said...

When Gap has clearance, it's great. The rest of the time it's ridiculous to spend that kind of money on kids. I know.. I love the Gap and shop the clearances so my kids can look like designers for nothing. This tends to help contradict the opinion that young couples with lots of kids have the IQ of Styrofoam.

You're right Abercrombie is much more expensive. And my personal favorite for the kids is Old Navy. They always have great sales and all around low prices. Plus since they're owned by the same company as Gap the styles are similar.

heather said...

I love those unexpected sales! Looks like you guys had a great time. On our last trip to utah, we took the kids there and had a great time.

Unknown said...

Gotta love sales on good clothes. I just scored at The Children's Place on-line.

Unknown said...

Oh, and another thought - Cheryl is about to have a baby girl, and owns a boyish carseat. You should swap!

zippy said...

Discovery centers are cool! Reminds me, I've got to look around and figure out if we've got one close by.

On kids clothes, I hear ya sista! I LOVE Target and Old Navy. I only try the Gap during sales season, and the ONLY place I've found that carries cute, adorable, nicely priced, boys church or special occasion clothing where I can coordinate the boys but not be "matchy-matchy" is The Children's Place.

The following is just me venting about the Gap, so you can stop here if not interested:

While in C.A. for Spring Break and Easter, we made a quick last minute stop at the Gap. I had tried Target AND Old Navy for Easter outfits for the boys but struck out...both here and in C.A. I didn't have a chance to get to TCP before leaving for our trip and couldn't not find one anywhere near where we were. So since we still needed something nice for Easter Sunday, off we went. We ended up spending too much time looking and ultimately bought something we didn't even really like for WAY too much money!! And the kicker? We didn't end up making it to church as we left earlier than originally planned and then traveled all day...they didn't even end up wearing what we bought! It's all still in the bag this many weeks later, waiting for me to make the trek out to the far-away located Gap Outlet (the closest Gap store to us) to return the stuff--ugh!

Laurie said...

What a fun day! Your kids are so cute! You are so blessed.