Saturday, February 23, 2008

10 Random Things I Love About Wendell

1. When I'm with him, I feel beautiful, attractive and feminine.
2. He's a great dad.
3. When he's home he does 50% of the diaper duty.
4. He laughs at my jokes.
5. He goes to work and works hard so I can stay home.
6. He is supportive of my dreams and ambitions.
7. He does the lion's share of the dishes.
8. He's romantic.
9. He's smart.
10. He's taller than I am.


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I love this post! He's definitely a keeper.

Unknown said...

With the exception of #7, these are the reasons I love my hubby too. We are both very lucky.

Cristy said...

Ditto for my man, except the dishes and the romance thing... he makes up for his lack of romance with cheesy jokes... ;)

Alisa said...

This is are really good idea for a post. I don't know that I say or even think about this often enough. They need to hear it and I need to write it. Very sweet!

Laurie said...

How did you get one who changes diapers and washes dishes? Mine's broke in those areas. You have a good husband. Definately a keeper! This is a great post!