Sunday, January 27, 2008

On a Scale of 1 to 5

Six years ago when Wendell and I moved into our current ward, we were invited to take a marriage relations class in place of Sunday School during the second hour* of church. During one of the exercises we were asked to rank certain things on a scale of 1 to 5 where five meant you agreed the most and 1, you agreed the least.

After doing this individually, you were to compare answers with your spouse. Wendell and I had a few different answers, but one in particular surprised me. The sentence said, "You know who is in charge of your family." I gave this sentence a 5 while Wendell gave it a lower number.

"What?" I asked quite shocked, "You gave a 2 to knowing who's in charge?"

"Yeah," Wendell replied.

"Why?" I wondered.

He looked at me a bit sideways. "Sometimes I think that you think that you're in charge."

I let out a little laugh. "I AM in charge and I know it," I said pointing to the 5 on my paper.

(*Mormon 101: We meet on Sundays for 3 hours of church. In most places, Sacrament Meeting is first lasting and hour and 10 minutes. During this hour we take the Sacrament similar to
Communion in other churches. The second block is Sunday School and usually lasts 50 minutes. The final block is Priesthood/Relief Society. Where the men and women meet separately to be taught according to our different needs. There are also other church activities that go on during the week, but Sunday is the worship service. Most mid-week meetings are fun activities that often include a spiritual message.)


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...


Laurie said...

Ha Ha Ha! That was a very funny story! It's funny that our spouses sometimes get that confused! At least you knew the right answer though!

Jeanie said...


Have you ever played the game "Rate Your Mate?" It's similar to what you blogged about and can be pretty funny... but also causes the couples to question each other's answers just like you and Wendell did :)

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Ha ha ha!!!

I'm pretty sure I'm in charge too. I wonder what my DH thinks...?

Unknown said...

I have two analogies for this. Right before my husband and I were married someone told us that men are the head of the family, but women are the neck. They tell the head where to go.

At a family dinner recently we were talking about who wore the pants in our relationships. My SIL said that men wear the pants but that women are the belt! Without us the pants just fall right off. It's so true!

*Tanyetta* said...

LOL!!!! That is sooooo funny. I really appreciate when you explain what the Morman 101 is at the end. I'm serious. I feel like I'm in on the secret meetings and things :)

p.s. You know Wendell is in charge, you were just busting his chops :)