Saturday, December 08, 2007

What's the Point, Anyway

When I was in the hospital, I was under the (apparently mistaken) notion that the hospital nursery was there to give me a break. For example, if I need some sleep and the baby is fussy, I can send him to the nursery and sleep better, right? Apparently this doesn't work during the day.

On Saturday morning, I fed the baby then called the nursery. I wanted a shower and I can't leave the baby alone in my room. They took the baby away and I took my shower. But I was still in my bathrobe when the nursery showed up.

"Hi. The baby fussy so we brought him to you."

"Ooohhh Kayyyy," I said hesitantly. It had only been 1 hour and 15 minutes since I'd fed him. He just needed to be held. But it's a little hard to hold the baby and put your hospital gown on and try not to have your hair look too stupid since having a baby is a perpetual photo op.

Fortunately, my nurse walked in just then. (For my Wyview blogging buddies, my nurse was Christin Jones who lived in our building. It was really cool to have someone take care of me, who I already knew.)

"Why's your baby here?" Christin asked.

I shrugged. "The nursery said he was fussy so they brought him to me."

"That's weird. Well I'm at a good stopping point I can sit and hold him for a bit."

"Thanks!" I gushed as I rushed back into my bathroom to put on my gown and fix my face a bit.

This is weird, right? Not on any of my other 4 babies have I had the nursery bring me a baby 45 minutes before he needs to eat just because of fussiness. I would rack this up to a strange isolated incident, but the nursery did the EXACT SAME THING on Sunday. I'm not kidding. Is this the weekend staff or what? And this was far from the nursery's only problem. Remind me to tell you the story of how Wendell was the only person to notice a near mix up of babies.


D-dawg said...

That is NOT good. The hospital is supposed to help you recover by helping you out with your baby! So sorry. And you're right about having a baby being the photo op of the year and looking not so good. It's the worst.

*Tanyetta* said...

See, this is why you're supposed to have my number on speed dial. First Miss E now, the nursery acting a fool. You just had a baby, they're supposed to wait until you call for the baby! Well, that's how it is in my world. ;)

I'm so glad you're home and oh about that near mix up of babies.......NOT COOL!

Julie said...

That bites! Not only that, but now I'm having anxiety that I'll be at the same hospital as you! Do you have my e-mail? Will you let me know where you delivered so I can (hopefully) sleep at night now?! Thanks!