Sunday, December 30, 2007


He did it! Baby Beck smiled at me. Not my forehead, or while he was sleeping. He looked at me and smiled. He is, in fact, the most smiley baby I've ever had. I can always tell when he's done eating 'cause he starts smiling. But now he's smiled at me. Looked in my eyes and smiled.

I've thought recently how I was only 23 (technically 22) when I had Emma and how Beck will have to look at a much older face as he grows up. Then I remember that the age comes with calm and wisdom and he's reaping some serious benefits.


Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

How sweet, I love first smiles.

Unknown said...

Payday! That first smile is when all the sleepless nights and blow-outs are officially "worth it."

I LOVE it when my innocent baby smiles, just at the sight of my face. I love that he doesn't care if I have make-up on, or have brushed my hair, or if I have a large piece of spinich between my teeth. . . . He loves me just the way I am. I LOVE BEING MOM!

Laurie said...

Yeah!!! That is a moment worth waiting for. I'm glad that you posted it. Congratulations!