Friday, December 21, 2007


Hayngrl101 asked how my C-section recovery was going. Well, um, like a C-section recovery. If you're squeamish...or a man...avert your eyes now.

A very, very small part of my incision fell open about 11 days postpartum. I rushed right into the OB office and was told that this wasn't a very big deal. Apparently, ill healing scars are a casualty of having had so many (5) C-sections. I had to keep Neosporin dowsed gauze taped to the affected spot for about a week. It looks pretty good now.

I can finally, officially lift Annika, although I have to admit I've been lifting her for a few days. When I lift her, I can definitely feel pulling/stretching on my incision, but no real pain. I do think it's this increased activity that has caused me so much bleeding so suddenly. I had an afternoon/evening that I was going through about one pad per hour for 5 hours. Thankfully that has slowed to a more manageable rate.

Nathan seems to think that because I can lift Annika, I can lift all 45 lbs of him. He's been testing me to see if I can make him move, sometimes. This is a definite loss for me. I just can't do it and won't be able to for 3-4 weeks. Although, I shouldn't really HAVE to pick up my Kindergartner, should I?

I'm on my own now with the kids and making dinner. Last night was the antithesis of smooth. There was yelling and threatening and... I hate Wednesdays and Thursdays when I have to do dinner without Wendell's help. Well, I think I deserve a nap so I'll go see if I can get 20 minutes.


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Absolutely you deserve a break! I wish I could come over and help! I'm glad you're recovering well though.

Laurie said...

Jenna, Be careful!!!! Now that I've said that, I'm the same as you. How do you not do stuff when you have a house full of kids that need you. Take lots of naps and give yourself plenty of time for recovery. I say at least 9 months. I tried to lay sod when Henry was about 3 months old. I had a c-section with him also. He was my second c-section. I couldn't figure out why my arms and hands were going numb and why my legs couldn't hardly lift my body and why I had such a headache. Then Henry started to cry and I remembered, "oh yeah, I just had a baby and surgery." So then I let they boys do the work. I think I should still use that excuse. Take it easy for a little while longer!