Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just Because You Watch the Show...

I went shopping. Clothes shopping. It's always horrible after having a baby to be faced with what in your closet actually fits. For some unknown reason all 4 pants that fit now are high water. Just to be clear, I am 5 ft 8 inch tall and I'm about 70% legs. I have an extremely short torso. I have longer legs than all of my 6 ft tall girlfriends. So buying pants that are long enough is always a bit of a challenge.

So after I had Annika, I was apparently so delighted that there were pants that fit around me that I forgot to look down and notice that about 3 inches of socks/legs were showing.

I have become increasingly embarrassed about the state of my wardrobe and with Wendell's blessing I went shopping. When I arrived at one of my favorite clothing stores, I tried on some jeans. I stepped out of my dressing room to get my sales lady's opinion and two other customers chimed in. The other customers were helpful and fun but unfortunately, they were leaving.

"It's too bad you guys can't stay and help me shop," I told them.

"We can stay for a while, try some things on."

The younger of the two women, a mother of one probably 5-7 years my junior, began my shopping assistance by saying, "Are you familiar with the show, 'What Not to Wear?'"

Now let me pause and say that I am a HUGE fan of this show. I TIVO it weekly and I've seen nearly every episode. Having said that I must point out that just because you watch the show does not make you Stacey London. Sadly, this customer was unaware of this fact.

"I," she declared, "am a guru of the show."

She then proceeded to take me all around the store telling me what would and what would not look good on me. However, it seemed that my large hips precluded just about everything cute in the store.

"Oh, this is cute!" I'd say.

"Honey," she'd patronize, "that will not look good on It will make your butt look a million miles wide. Definitely, not the look you're going for."

True that I am not looking for bottom widening clothes, but who made her the expert on MY figure. And I'd just like to say that she and I were very different shapes. Even for people with similar shapes like my mom and sisters and I, we aren't precisely the same. When we try to swap clothes, sometimes it just doesn't work. This is why it's important to TRY CLOTHES ON.

Eventually, when my adviser's back was turned, I pulled clothes into the dressing room that I wanted to try on and I just didn't come out. A bit later these ladies called goodbye through the door and I thanked them, quite relived that I was now on my own.

Oh, and one more completely off topic item. Harvey Unga, BYU freshman running back who has preformed so phenomenally this year, was visiting with his cousin in this women's clothing shop. His cousin was one of the employees who was helping me. So, on my way out the door I wished him luck on Saturday. Go COUGARS!! We're gonna beat UCLA this time.


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I don't watch that show, but I say, go with what you feel good in!!

dh said...

I despise high water pants, even those cropped pants that are intentionally too short- can't stand 'em! I need my socks and shoelaces hidden under the hem of my pants otherwise, sorry, no can do.

But I have to say... can I just worship you for having a newborn so young after a c-section? I am getting down to the wire now and am starting to freak out about recovery yet again. Whaaah!! (Ok, so maybe not really, would rather have a baby and not be so big, but in pain from recovery).

How IS your c-section recovery going? My blog:

Laurie said...

After Henry was born, I realized that somewhere in the last 12 years of being pregnant and almost constantly wearing sweats or maternity pants, the styles had drastically changed. When I wore my old pants, not only were they tapered and high waters but they came clear up to my ribs. I already felt old and worn out, but wearing those pants, I looked the part also. It's amazing what new clothes will do for your mental health. I love WNTW also. I'm so sorry that you found an "expert" to help you shop. Unless I have Clinton or Stacey shopping with me, I'm trying everything I like on before I buy because I have no idea what the rules really are for me no matter how many times I watch that show. Funny story. I'm glad you ditched her by hiding in the changing room!

Jenna Wood said...

Laurie, Ha, ha! I have the same problem. I don't know what rules apply to me either.

That's why I often ask the sales people what looks good if I'm shopping alone or I try to take my mom or sister.