Friday, November 23, 2007

Smokin' Hot

There are few actors that I really go ga-ga over. Brad Pitt. OK. Tom Cruise. Cuter when he was younger. But Christian Bale? Now there's a hotty.

So when I saw a movie on Netflix that my little sister had liked starring Christian Bale and directed by Steven Spielberg I figured I couldn't go wrong. So the movie starts out and cuts to this private school with a boys choir singing. And all of a sudden it dawns on me that the soloist is Christian Bale. He's all of 12.

"Wendell, is that Christian Bale?" I gasp.

"Uh-huh," he answers.

"Oh my word, I didn't know he was going to be a child!"

"No, no. That's not really him that's just his character. He'll grow up here in a minute," Wendell assures me.

Then they show Christian Bale again. It is him. His crooked jaw. Those eyes. If that's not him...

"Wendell, that is Christian Bale. That's him."

I simply can not ogle a child. Even if it is Christian Bale. Even if I know he's older than I. It's a kid. A sweet, cute, prepubescent kid.

I did determine one thing, Christian Bale's been a great actor for a long time. But the movie, Empire of the Sun, I would describe as long, tedious and depressing. Blah. I may have to watch Batman Begins soon, just to recover from this incident.


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Did you ever see Newsies? He sings in that one too. It's one of my favorites and now my boys like it! I also liked him in Swing Kids.

He's definitely eye candy...

Laurie said...

You are funny!

Jenna Wood said...

Holly, Newsies is where my little sister and I fell in love with him! My sister is a huge fan. She must have seen Newsies a hundred times. I think she owns almost every movie he was ever in--that wasn't R rated.