Thursday, November 15, 2007

Annika Threw Up--YEA!!!

Annika has been the most prone, of all of my children, to eat inanimate objects (i.e. beads, art supplies, erasers, etc.) and to eat objects that are too large. Several months ago, before Annika had as many teeth, Annika swallowed a baby carrot.

The baby carrot incident was very scary. Annika could breath, but not swallow. She was drooling and panicky. My mom came over and between the two of us we eventually made Annika it throw up.

So the other day Annika was really "gaggy" and based on evidence of her having torn into a very old chair in the basement--foam and bits of batting were everywhere--I was sure she was choking again. Every time she gagged and I could get her to throw up a bit we all shouted and clapped, "YEA!!!"

So today Annika got herself in a tizzy. She was crying and coughing. All of a sudden the crying stopped. "Yea!!!" Annika shouted for herself and clapped her little hands. I looked around with surprise and found her standing over a small pile of throw up. She'd cried so hard that she threw up, and she couldn't have been prouder.


angie said...

ha ha! I guess that's what you get for cheering her on! I am so scared of my kids choking- baby carrots are big! I'm glad she was o.k. and I want to add my "Yea" for her small pile too!

Laurie said...

I am still laughing over this post and Angie's comment was funny! Choking isn't funny though. I'm actually impressed you stayed calm and cheered her on. I would have panicked! So "Yea" for you!

D-dawg said...

Uh-oh... I feel a bad habit coming on! So cute though that she cheered for her throw up. I guess when she gets the stomach flu she won't cry and feel bad, maybe she'll be happy!