Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Wonder What Annika is Doing

Annika is 17 months old and my little buddy, who I haul everywhere. Today I spent an hour at the school picking up sign-ups for the cake contest and cake walk in conjunction with the school carnival, introducing the 4th graders to the new upper grade reading program our school invented last year and handing out prizes to the kids who did math over the summer and didn't get their prizes Friday. Whew!

Meanwhile Annika whined, pulled one shoe off in one class, pulled the other shoe off in another class and tried to get stuff out of the bottom of the stroller. After our hour of school, I hauled her to the Junior High so I can vote in the Primaries for City Council.

When we finally got home she rushed down stairs to the toy room, while I ate a snack and read the news online. It's really too quiet at times down there and I know I heard her in the video cabinet earilier.

Even as I write, I began calling her. She didn't answer so I jumped up and ran down stairs. There she was at the bottom of the stairs wrapped up in her favorite blanket that she calls Baby, fast asleep. Since I was shouting and running around she peeped her eyes open, gazed at me sleepily and put her thumb back in her mouth. I guess it was time for a nap.

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