Thursday, May 03, 2007

We Are Not Rabbits

My mom helped me out with Annika at my ultrasound. First of all let me say we have a healthy little person in there. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and my due date is Dec 6th.

It is true that Wendell and I are very fertile. It has never taken us more that a month to get pregnant and this is our second "oops!" My rheumatologist thinks this is very funny. So when my mom had an appointment the other day he said something to her about my being as fertile as a rabbit.

Evidently my mom found that very enchanting. So when we went to the ultrasound today my mom announced to the tech, "Yes, she's as fertile as a rabbit." And when the tech and I didn't say anything she added, "And they're having a little rabbit family."

Pardon me? It's true that I am nothing if not fertile, but a rabbit? Please.

This is as bad as when I'm nursing my babies and they get all chubby and my dad slaps my back and laughingly calls me a heifer. Come now.

I'm so excited about the new addition. Here in my home state 4 kids is an average, not a big family. But even here I'm now graduating from normal to "whoa" and I guess I will have to endure the comments or figure out a comeback.

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Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

I have heard some wonderful "comebacks" regarding bigger families. I am sure if you google searched "large family comebacks" or something like that, they will come up. I get comments and I only have 3 kids! My favorite is when I'm told "you have your hands full" and I say "Better full than empty!"