Saturday, January 06, 2007

What Money Will Do For You

On Dec 19th Wendell got a promotion at work. The #1 benefit of this job shift was The Raise. Have you ever seen those shows on happiness? They say, "Once people reach $50,000 a year, their happiness doesn't change, despite any increases in income." I have often wondered if that is actually true. But being in the below $50,000 a year club means, the thought is mute. Every time we make more money, we should show an increase in happiness.

So imagine my excitement of being able to join the "making $50K or more a year club. Yee-haw! I'm going to test the theory.

So I have been imagining for the last several weeks, what the first Paycheck will be like. (The one from The Raise.) I've daydreamed about hiring people to help me clean my house, getting a Netflix account, paying babysitters so I can go shopping. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Downside of the Promotion. Wendell now has to work evenings, weekends and Holidays. They all get off Christmas and Thanksgiving. That's it. So I'm going to need help. That help I'm daydreaming about. But all of that Money, well, it will make my life easier.

Then reality hits.

First, I must declare that I suspected it would take awhile for the Money to come in. I didn't expect it the first paycheck, but probably the second. Oh, no. Not the case. The Rule states: whatever money a finance manager makes in the previous month is what he get paid in the current month. (Shall I remind you that Wendell got his promotion on Dec 19th?) So Wendell's been a finance manager for 1.5 weeks of December. No problem. In 1.5 weeks he made $2000. That's great. There you go. That's all the money you get in the month of January. What?

That's right. The big promotion. All that money...supposedly. We haven't made this little in along time. This isn't anywhere near enough to pay the bills. And this is just as we're going into January and February--the two slowest months in car sales. Yipee. Don't I sound excited.

By the time we get any Money (with a capital "M") we'll likely be so far in the hole.... And it's not like we're not in the hole already. We owe more freakin' money... Ah well. Here's to hole--Cheers!

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