Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Winning Team, A Sleeping Baby, And A Date

Last night I was thinking about gratitude. The blog of note called Three Beautiful Things, touched me. I wondered if I were to write down three things I'm grateful for today, what would they be.

1. A winning team. I love BYU football with a passion, so the last couple of years of losing seasons have been hard and disappointing. Yesterday BYU beat San Diego State. Crushed them, actually. It was awesome and I just felt chipper all day. GO COUGARS!

2. A sleeping baby. Last night just before I turned in, I peeked in on Annika. Her arms were above her head, bunny tucked in by her side, and look of absolute bliss on her face. Aw, my beautiful baby girl.

3. It's been quite a while since Wendell and I went out, by ourselves. Bless the neighbor girl and my mother, Wendell and I got to go to said football game. We cheered loudly, had lunch together and held hands when we walked. We don't do it near often enough, but when we go out on a date--it's wonderful!

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