Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Oh, I am so fat," the thin woman says.

I know a woman who is very thin. Very, very thin. When we are together at a potluck dinner, she makes a big deal about how little she should eat or she's sure she'll get fat. She takes tiny tastes of most things, but seemingly wants every bite documented by the group.

Sometimes I'd just love to get up the nerve to say, "We are not worried about you getting fat. If you did get fat, we'd still love you. Now, can you stop making everyone, including normal people, feel like fat slobs?"

I've decided that she's like Suzy Preston in a previous blog post. It is amazing to me that someone so pretty, vivacious and fun can have such low body image. I hope when I reach goal weight that can enjoy being with people, without making them feel badly that they aren't as thin as I am.

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