Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Confession: I hurt my baby

Last night while I was nursing Annika, I inspected her fingernails. Her index finger on her left hand was very long and jagged. So...I attempted to clip it, one handed (keep in mind I was nursing) with...oh, I can hardly say it...toenail clippers. They were huge and unruly. I lined them up underneath Annika's fingernail and...clipped.

There wasn't the little "clip" sound when you clip a was more of a "crunch" that you hear when you're clipping the flesh off of your baby's finger. Gosh, it was awful.

Annika cried and bled. I cried and got dozens of miniscule drops of blood all over my shirt and face. I'm so sad, I just want to cry some more. Poor thing!

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Anonymous said...

Did the EXACT SAME THING!!! Those little fingers bleed like a stuck pig!