Thursday, September 21, 2006


I know that I can never do certain things perfectly. Things like: clean my house, get organized, have time for me. Because I can't do it perfectly, I don't start. I sabotage myself and just don't do it. Oddly, if I can just get started I get a lot done. Alas, I can't get everything done, so most days I just don't start.

I often think I need help. If only I could afford a maid. Or I think it will be easier in the future. When the kids are teens they'll be able to help more and they'll all be gone at school and think of the things I can get done then.

Even when I'm succeeding, I tend to look at failures. I only got 6 quarts of peaches canned or the inside of the house is tidy, but the yard is full of weeds.

How do I change this behavior so I can succeed? Good question, huh?

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