Monday, July 17, 2006

Swimming Lessons

I have the kids signed up for swimming lessons, which they dreaded. Emma and Anson are both in level three so they want them to jump into the water in the "deep" section. They both had a lot of fun today. However, Emma's teacher said she might need to move Emma to a different class.

Keeping in mind that she took level 2, 5 times and already took level 3 last year, this would be very discouraging to take level 2 again. I don't think I'll mention it, because a lot of why she might get bumped back is my "fault" as it were. This is our first swimming lesson this summer and we haven't had lessons in a long time.

I think after soccer is over this fall and Anson is 6 (so he doesn't have to be in Pre 3, but reg 3 with Emma) I'll sign the kids up for two sessions of swimming lessons, back to back. After Christmas break, I'll probably sign them up again. That way by next summer, they'll be ready.

I don't really care if they have to take level 3 ten times, but I do want them to be good swimmers as this is a good, low impact form of exercise and fun to boot!

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