Thursday, June 22, 2006

Red State

My state is a red state. It's an all red state. It's probably nearly 90% red. Even the Democrats here are red. They just care more about the environment than most Republicans and politically it can be an good move because there is no (decent) democratic competition. The Republican primary is where the real decisions are made. So when I got phone call from an election poll asking me if I was voting for the incumbent or the challenger--I said the challenger, just to make them mad.

The incumbent is an idiot, more so than most politicians. Actually, he's the dopey-est one in the state, the rest of our representatives, we can really be proud of. Congressman Incumbent is also loaded, so by saying I've voting for the other guy means CI has to spend more money, which amuses me.

What does not amuse me is all the phone calls I've been getting pleading for my vote for CI. Everyone from my neighbor a couple of streets over, to Laura Bush have been calling me. "Please vote for CI," they say. Now, why should Laura Bush care? There aren't any decent Democrats here so it doesn't matter WHO wins the primary--they're both republicans.

I hang up on them. I wouldn't really hang up on these people if they were real, but come on, Laura Bush isn't really going to call me. I've decided that the next time I get an election "poll" I'm going to say that I'm voting for CI, just so all these people leave me alone.

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