I'm, Jenna, a 40-something mother of five--three boys, two girls--between the ages of 17 and 8. I have a degree in Communications that I use mostly for yelling down the stairs to get kids to come for dinner, do chores, etc. I'm a taxi driver trying to get everyone everywhere they need to be and I love it. Not the taxi driving, per se, but being a mom. My life includes a lot of asking if people have done their math, reading off spelling words, and counting while people are playing the piano even though we have a metronome. 
My house is often a disaster, my yard is an embarrassment, but my kids are my pride and joy. I'm not a great photographer or cook, but I am a leader. I'm a former PTA President and School Community Council Chair. I play the piano and sing. I love to read and blog. I've been married for 16 years now, to the only man I've ever kissed.  Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention, we're Mormons.
Wendell and me in NYC for our 15th Wedding Anniversary.

This old post describes how my life in Momville began. And (drumroll, please) here are the 5 reasons I've been able to go on the world's most incredible journey, being a mom.

This is Emma.  She has her own blog here.  Cool, huh?

This is Anson.  

This is Nate.  

This is Annika.

This is Beck.

Three of my kids have a rare eye condition, which, in addition to the regular ups and downs of life, keeps things interesting.  Their story starts here

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