Friday, March 21, 2008

My Baby Girl is Two!

Happy Birthday Annika!
The birthday girl is ready to party!
Opening her first present
Sometimes Mom needs to help.
I ALWAYS wear make up...except for today.
Elmo, please don't be offended that she noticed you second.

Puzzle Mania

Probably Annika's favorite gift.

Oops. How did that picture of Beck get in here?

He's obviously having tons of fun at the party.

He's hoping for cake. Note the drooling.

This is the cake I made.

Annika loves the cake!

No. I am not pregnant again. I have had 5 c-sections. This is what happens.


Dave and Cheryl said...

Annika is such a cutie!! It looks like you all had a fun time at her party! Even Beck looked interested in something!

Lara said...

Oh man. She and Beck are SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly cute!

hayngrl101 said...

you have cute kids! happy birthay, annika!!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Annika! What a beautiful little girl.

tAnYeTTa said...

Look at her!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Annika! You are soooo cute! Let the terrific two's begin :)

Mom2My6Kids said...

Annika is so adorable. What a cutie. And Beck is getting big so fast. He looks like such a big boy now. It's fun to see pictures of you! You are beautiful as ever! Happy Birthday Annika. I love the Sesame Street stuff!

utmomof5 said...

happy b-day Annika!!!! We love Seaseme street at our house too!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Annika!

gab said...

Thanks for stopping by! Happy birthday to your cutie. She is adorable.

Alisa said...

My son is 2 1/2 in a week or so and I thought he was closer in age to Annika meaning she was older because of her language skill etc. Girls are always faster. However this son has taken longer then his older brother.

I love the comment about your stomach. I am sure C-sections are worse. But the fact that you've had 5 kids alone is excuse enough. I say this because I have had 4 and none were c-sections and I have similar problems!